TWA Fashion 2018

A Look into 2018

Fashion is an enormous industry … 

What drives the fashion industry ?

Human emotion … money ?  

What motivates you to make that purchase?

 Incorporating fashion into your life does not have to be costly. Affordable clothing reflecting the fall and winter season can be found…with just a little creativity. Think about mixing American or European vintage with modern clothing…known as Modern Vintage, making your wardrobe stretch.Introduce vintage items into modern ensembles one at a time to emphasize the style and beauty of each vintage piece in your wardrobe.

Spring / Summer 2018

Black and White and 3D
Ocean Blue Denim.
Lace – Delicate lace is even more popular for Spring / Summer 2018

Envision a smooth transition between day and night…

About Fall Styles:  

This fall, tans, greys and black with simple lines – not a passing trend this year.

London runway showed the most affordable designs to replicate.

Detachable collars can easily transform the simplest of outfits into something a little more interesting and eye-catching. Vintage, metal, modern, or exotic are some of your choices.

Plaids are showing again this year. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Mid length and long skirts of shades of red, green, black and white for fall of 2018.