Creating Your Own Accessories

Re-create your look this season with…

Ear cuffs – Elegant Accessory – add to your piercings or an alternative to piercing. This type of earring looks impressive.

ear cuff




A little art history…

The ear cuff origin is unknown but this accessory appeared during ancient times and was worn by Greek aristocrats as a symbol of their wealthy status …like “ear candy”.

Ear cuffs are represented in many antique paintings and sculptures in India and Thailand.

During the XVII century, Russia became captivated by the allure of this unusual jewel.Some pieces have survived through Russia’s hard times and are now kept at the Diamond Fund in Moscow.

Born in Paris, Marcel Boucher worked as a jewelry designer for Pierre Cartier, who brought him to New York City in the early 1920’s.Here he developed a passion for jewelry design. Founding his own company in 1937, Boucher made a name for himself creating bold, imaginative, enameled pieces that were individual works of art, with brooches shaped like fruits, animals, and human figures. Marcel created a unique design of an over the ear jewel under the name of Earrite and patented his creation in 1950s.

The ear cuff looks striking and does not damage the ear lobe no matter how large and heavy the cuff.

Back – Laces – for backless apparel
Your back – lace can reflect the fabric design

Consider vintage medium and long length necklaces – turned around to drape down the back…


Finger Bracelets

Detachable collars can easily transform the simplest of outfits into something a little more interesting and eye-catching. Vintage, metal, modern, or exotic are some of your choices.This will give countless options.